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Text Spares Network is a leading new & used MINI car parts search engine & price comparison site. The extensive online network that we offer our customers is second to none, Our system is really easy to use. We provide comparison results of MINI spares with prices up to 80 percent off the going rate.

If you are looking for car parts for any MINI car or van model, we should be able to source it for you in no time. We can also locate fully guaranteed and tested reconditioned MINI engines and gear boxes. We are certainly proud of our far-reaching car spares database, but we also offer a selection of MINI vehicles which have just minor damage, and can be easily repaired.

MINI Spares

We can help you find many types of MINI Spares including:
MINI Performance Parts, MINI Alternator, MINI Ariel, MINI Ball Joint, MINI Wish bones, MINI Body Parts, MINI Brakes, MINI Brake Callipers, MINI Catalytic Converter, MINI Clutch, MINI Idle Control Valve, MINI Control Arm, MINI Discount Parts, MINI Engine Parts, MINI Fog Lights, MINI Fuel Pump, MINI Grille, MINI Cylinder Head, MINI Headlights, MINI Exhaust, MINI Oil Pump, MINI Oxygen Sensor, MINI Auto Radiator, MINI Shocks, MINI Starter, MINI Struts, MINI Tail Lights, MINI Indicator and MINI Water Pump.

Effective way to find MINI Parts

By using our system, you wont have to go out and visit your local car breakers and salvage yard to get hold of your MINI parts or have to search the Internet for the best prices on new MINI parts.
All you have to do is give our system some information about your MINI and specify the parts you want, Our system will then search through some of the most popular MINI Retailers & MINI Suppliers to bring you prices for comparison right away. At the same time a request is listed in our database where Salvage Breaker Yards & Vehicle Recycling Centres can give you quotes on Tested & Guaranteed reconditioned MINI parts.

  • Our service is FREE to use.
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  • Direct Communication & Purchase from any supplier.
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